January, 15th 2011  the first bout of the year 2011 for the North Star Roller Girls What a blast that was.  The theme was Speakeasy.  They had games, and lots of fun. Live Music from the  The Blue Ox Jazz Babies and  the Minneapolis Narwhals were there.  You might have caught them dancing during pre show.  At halftime, there was 2 different games that audience members signed up to do before, the bout started.

First game  was you had to put on a flapper dress.  This was funny to watch because so many wardrobe malfunctions. It was great.  Then the race continued on, you had to put on Derby gear, 2nd station was, knee and elbow pads, 3rd station was wrist guards, and the 4th and final station was the helmet.   It was great to watch and help out with.

The second game, was a hooch relay.  The participants  first had to put 10 bottles in a crate and put in a wagon.   It was then passed on to the 2nd runner, who ran the wagon around the track weaving between cones.  The 3rd and 4th runners, then had to take the bottles, out of the crate and stack them up in a bowling pin formation.  The 1st participant again, has to throw a Fedora hat, and knock down the bottles.   It was great getting audience participation.  We had so many volunteers to do it we had to modify the games or run them again.  THANKS AUDIENCE!


For my bout pictures.   Bout 3 Speakeasy

Look forward to seeing you, in February.

Bout 4 – Babes and a Blue Ox: She’s a Rollergirl and She’s Okay

February 26, 2011, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall E
Doors open at 6:00pm, bout starts at 7:00pm


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