Got what it takes to be a Jeerleader?

Stuff we want the jeerleaders to do:

  1. Schmooze with the crowd. Before the bout starts, as the fans are waiting in line, we want the jeerleaders to be welcoming the fans to the event, doing “Free-range” cheers in smaller groups- maybe finding out which team a given fan is cheering for, teaching them a cheer or a jeer that will come in handy later in the evening, that sort of thing. The jeerleaders will learn the same talking points about NSRG and the game of roller derby that the skaters do- so they should be able to answer (or at least field) questions from fans.
  2. Before the bout starts, the jeerleaders will be helping the announcers orient the crowd to the game, directing attention to any happenings, and generally getting the crowd riled up.
  3. During the game, the jeerleaders will be mercenaries. That is, they will cheer for whoever is winning and jeer at whoever is losing- unless they are paid otherwise. The jeerleaders will accept donations for the charity of the month in exchange for leading a cheer for the team of the payers choice (they should also have a cheer on hand for the refs/NSOs as needed).
  4. As the league gets used to having the jeerleaders around, we suspect they’ll be asked to participate in team intros and other shenanigans, but we’re starting small.

What the jeerleaders will not be doing:

  1. They won’t be on skates. The insurance costs are not worth it, and we want the jeerleaders to be able to climb into the stands with ease.
  2. They won’t be doing little dance line routines or skits. This is old school crowd participation, leading of cheers and jeers. There will be schtick. There will be props. There will be noisemakers.
  3. They won’t be doing anything vulgar or off color. NSRG stills puts on a family friendly show. The jeerleaders will certainly be saucy, but not crass. It’s a fine line, and if you can’t see where it is, jeerleading is not for you.

How’s this gonna go down?

Let us know if you’d like to be involved, and we’ll add you to the yahoo group. We’ll hold a 1-2 hour practice once a week starting in August. The first bout of the season will be in October, but there may be opportunities to try out material/practice schmoozing at some summer NSRG events.

How do the jeerleaders fit into the NSRG structure?

The jeerleaders will be an independent team, overseen/liasoned by the entertainment committee (much as the announcers and mascots are already). Mama Crash is lined up to be the league/entcom point of contact for all things jeerleader. Steely Danielle will be working logistics for the jeerleaders and mascots. The interim jeerleader captains/organizers are Kili St. Cyr and Goldie Luxe, but there will be plenty of leadership opportunities for anyone interested!


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