Big Top Derby!!

What a rush. Last night we had our debut for the North Star Roller Derby girls  season opener.

I am not even sure I can even explain it really.   The night was a success  we managed to get the crowd riled up a few times, and to cheer with us.  I don’t want to go off on what worked and what didn’t because I have a great high going on from the success and I want to ride that for just a couple of more days.  Who wouldn’t.    I took a lot of great shots of the jeerleaders having  a lot of FUN .  Pictures from last night are here.

We got to the Convention center about 3 and started to set up. Around 4 we got pictures taken, and the NSRGs cheered or us and that was a great feeling. About 20 to 6 we headed outside to get the crowd going and let them know about the bribe jars and hand out buttons.  We continued to do this until the bout started.

During the bout we played games with the crowd and we did cheers!  Lots of fun.

I can’t wait for the next bout Dec 4 2010.  July at Christmas!


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