The Power of Food

Saying I’m done eating, I no longer feel hungry and I don’t need that extra serving or I don’t need that other piece of food you brought with you to eat. I have been trying to do that this past week and I find it so difficult. Example yesterday, after I finished my main meal for lunch I still had a yogurt and an apple. Trying to say no is more difficult than it is to say no to doing something you don’t want to do. The power food has over us is amazingly deep. Was it engraved in us with the clean plate club or just that we enjoy the food like it is a drug and we need to have that next fix? I’m sure it is a little of both. I was raised with clean your plate, eat what you take. I still feel that is what I have to do. Yes I could eat that yogurt later it is sealed after all, and that apple is whole so it won’t go bad. But the urge to eat those 2 were strong. I couldn’t wait for my break to be over so I would be able to put it back in the cooler and not worry about it. Then there is eating out of boredom. The mindless eating because you have nothing else to do and that it seems so natural. At times even you don’t know you are eating , until after the fact. So many days that has happened at work. With bagel poppers just sitting there on the rack for samples or what not. Food is a drug and I need to over come that power and say no. JUST SAY NO! 


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