Roller coaster ride

I hate roller coasters, literally and figuratively.  I’m currently on the figurative roller coaster of weight loss. Early this year, I was doing great, that roller coaster was on the top  and I was losing weight. When I was on top I stop drinking soda, and I lost 20 lbs.  I then did a quick loop de loop and landed hard at the bottom.    Once summer arrived and BBQ season hit, I went right back to eating to enjoy it and eat plenty of it. 

I’ve decided that this has to stop. I’m on the way up on that roller coaster again, click click click.. It’s a long way up but I’m going to make it back to that top and coast on down and off the roller coaster. I have no intentions on going down that roller coaster again.    (realistically, I’m sure I’ll have a few more ups and downs to come) 

Since I hate Roller coasters, I hope to to be off this soon. 


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