I recommend this article and believe 110% in what it stands.

President Obama’s recent coming out in favor of gay marriage is an historical triumph, to be sure, but policy will only open doors.  People need to be compelled to walk through them.

I am not preaching to the converted, or really even to the staunchly opposed.  I am addressing those of you who would be counted among the “religious right,” but secretly know that your party is wrong.

I was raised to think like you.  My parents were extremely conservative, and I was brought up to believe that homosexuality is a sin.  I was a model of Christian propriety until my early twenties, as up until then I had very little occasion for my beliefs to be challenged.  In fact, I was so outspoken about my values that I’m sure I was perceived as a bully more than once, and probably forced friends with more level heads to keep their…

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