The greatest support group I have.

I have this group of friends, most of the time we interact with each other on our Facebook group.  We can probably sit for hours and discuss one topic, be it Nutella, or farts or just plain old exercise.   You see we’re a group that is there for each other in our healthy lifestyle choices.  We’re there to lose weight and the best way to do so, is with a support group.    We could all pay and do Weight watchers, or we can use the social media that is Facebook, follow the plan that works best for us.  I started at the beginning of this year at a whopping total of 205 yes I’m posting my weight since January 1st 2012.  It was the highest it has ever been.  As of today I’m 186.   I’m proud of my accomplishments so far.  I go to the gym, I watch my calorie intake as well as my outtake by tracking and using Spark people.**  My friends support me in this the ups and the downs.  The other thing that is awesome is we’re friends outside of Facebook, every member is someone someone knows, the majority of us live here in the Twin Cities, and all met each other through a common interest.  No it’s not food, but we do like our food.  We know each other in some form because we like Roller Derby.  More specifically it was the North Star Roller Girls  We are skaters,  former skaters, or other type of volunteers.    We also try and get together outside of Facebook or roller derby.   When I reach my ideal weight I will be able to contribute my success to their encouragement,  support and all in all just being a friend.   Thank guy’s you are loved.


I read recently in some other  blog as a comment that Spark People is a hand holding site that if you are determined to lose weight  you shouldn’t need that site.  That is a big load of crap in my opinion.  It has so many resources like a calorie counter, a exercise tracker, articles, a streak counter so you can compete against yourself, it has a lot of members who want to be you friend and help you on your journey.  It is a site that is what you make of it.  You can use their resources that are free, You don’t have to pay to use their site, or any of the options.  Unlike some sites out there, and don’t get me wrong I’m sure they are great, but why would you pay?    It doesn’t say you can’t eat that cheese cake, but it helps you learn the portions or a healthier substitute.   Spark recipes has great recipes out there that are already calculated.  Yes there is no secret just the plain old calculation of calories in and calories out.   So no I don’t believe this is a site that holds your hands  while you start your healthy lifestyle.   It teaches you the steps towards the healthy lifestyle for you to make your own choices.


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