Good Bye 2011

Those who know me, know that I’m  not a big fan of 2011.   At least near the end.  The fall my favorite season ended in heartbreak and heartache, for the babies I’ll never know in this life time.

In all honesty 2011 was probably not the worst of my years here on earth.   I got a job, which despite the hours I like,  I didn’t lose the weight but I didn’t gain any more than what I already had.  I got a new used new to me car.  I’m fostering Tybalt who is a sweet kitty and beautiful kitty, despite his claws which are right now in claw caps so not to hurt us.    Derek and I are still together 2+ years and I still love him.  I have had a good 2011 even if it doesn’t seem like it.


I’m still going to say Kiss my arse when you leave 2011 because 2012 is going to kick it otherwise.  (As long as the world doesn’t end that is)


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