Fitting into this household is getting better almost every day that he is here.   He has found his place among Sprite and even Quixote (neighbor cat)   Sprite would rather have nothing to do with a young cat, like Tybalt.  Sprite is almost 10 years old, and rather sleep and eat when he isn’t sleeping.   Tybalt wants to play, but that is where Quixote comes in.  They are about the same age, and so they tend to be a better match for playing with each other.  When they are done playing the 2 cats go off and do their own thing.  It does work out rather well.

When we first took in Tybalt he didn’t like to be held and pushed and clawed us.  He now allows us to hold him, basically as much as Sprite does.  It’s not a long time but it is some of the time.   Tybalt even tends to snuggle next to us when we sleep, and sometimes I catch him on Derek’s lap and Derek petting him.  This is even more than Sprite gives us for attention.  Tybalt really has made this his home, and us his people.   I am glad we took him in, and I love listening to his little meows (meeps) and his purrs.  He is a sweet cat.


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