Summer is coming to an end….

My 32nd birthday is right around the corner, this usually means it is the end of summer, and a new school year. This year though NO SCHOOL for me. My summer has been a big blur of pure goodness and some bad. The newest things for me is that Tybalt is becoming a member of this household, and fitting in. He is really a cutie.

snuggling near me on the bed.

Things with work is fine, long hours but for the most part good.   We have lost some of our employees and are trying to hire new employees.  This however puts me working almost all the time.  At least it seems like that.

More about Tybalt.  My friend  Kelly, took a job in CT and needed to find someone to care for her cats. Derek and I were able to take Tybalt in as a foster so he can be her’s when she returns back to MN.  It was a rough start but it is now becoming a nicer household with him.  I enjoy a kitty that likes to snuggle and doesn’t weight a million pounds.   Sprite is back to hording food so he gained a lb so far, but it is being nipped in the butt quickly.

Not a lot else is going on.  Derek’s dad is down at Mayo for his stem cell transplant, another good friend of the family is there as well.   I’m worried about my own life, despite being well, I’m in the process of taking out a life insurance policy for myself.  I guess you just never know, and I’m not leaving people cleaning up my mess if something happens.  Another reason for this move is my friends dad died unexpectedly and so it’s been on my mind lately.

So, as summer is coming to an end I am sad that it is, but happy that the heat is leaving us.  Fall might be my favorite season, due to the colors of the trees so that is something to look forward too.


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