Summer 2011

It’s been a while since I had anything worth while to write about. I’ve been busy with work, and trying to keep my life together. Don’t worry, Derek and I are fine. Yesterday, we took in a cat, to foster for a friend. I am hopeful it works out, but there are moments of doubt when he attacks Sprite. I know he is a good cat, it’s just the adjustment period. Ultimately though it will be Derek’s decision.

We did make it up to the Cabin for a day. The weather was beautiful, and it wasn’t as hot up there as it was down here in the Twin Cities.

Another thing, new with me is that I’m transiting over to Google + hopefully for good. Facebook has turned into annoying traffic. I’m always adjusting traffic on the Newsfeed, and I’m spending to much time scrolling through to find something worth reading. I’m hoping Google + takes off and that social networking will become something easier and more interesting. Google + is showing promise.

As for work, that is going well considering. We have had many days of heat, and working has been almost unbearable. Along with the heat the hours have been long. July is on it’s way out Thankfully. I hope August isn’t as warm but I’m afraid it might be.


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