They say history repeats itself. Apparently it didn’t take that long before our Government decided that they should (take) keep rights away from people. Here in Minnesota, it has been illegal for homosexuals to be married. This is wrong, now they want to add it to the state constitution to seal the deal. I’m confused to why this is something they feel should be done. We are moving BACKWARDS! If anything should be voted on it is to legalize gay marriage. It makes me sick that people think rights of good people should be taken away. People who only want to marry and have the same rights as everyone else. No one voted that I can marry, it was a given right. This to me, isn’t fair. I’m sadden that in November 2012 I have to vote NO to this amendment, and not YES to legalizing gay marriage.

There are a lot of excuses they say, that gay marriage should be illegal. To me not one excuse is justified. It is all a big amount of BULL SHIT! How is 2 people who love each other, marrying ruin American values and families, when most of the people who are making this difficult for equality, are having affairs, are on their 2, 3 of 4th marriage? How is that not ruining American families?

It seemed that, in Minnesota decided they needed a distraction instead of balancing the budget. Well NEWS flash if you legalized gay marriage, there would be a flux in wedding planning, and lots of spending for weddings, that would create or save jobs in bakeries, wedding sights, bridal shops, catering, possibly tux shops, decorations. MY GOD that would help our economy.

I’m just angered that, this is a fight that shouldn’t have to happen, this is taking away rights of people, and discrimination, hate, among other choice words I’d like to use. So, if you read this, and you live in Minnesota please in Nov. 2012 Vote no to this amendment so we can move this state forward, and not be a state that takes rights away.

I would name all my friends and family that this amendment would hurt but that list is too long.


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