Coupons poupons, the customer isn’t always right.

(It’s early and a customer comes in wanting a bagel bucket with a $4dollars off coupon. The bucket is 13 bagels, and 2 tubs of cream cheese. Coupon is only bucket not a regular dozen)

Customer: I’d like to use this coupon

Me: Sure no problem, would you like to pick your own bagels or use one of the pre assorted bagel buckets we have)

Customer: I’ll pick my own

Me: Ok go ahead (customer gets 13 bagels of an assortment, I direct him to the retail cooler so he can pick out his cream cheese)

Me: sir you can pick out your own cream cheese right there in the cooler

Customer: I don’t want any cream cheese, if I take it I’m just going to throw it out.

Me: Ok, you are aware that the coupon is for the bucket, I’m happy to ring you for the dozen and not use the coupon.

Customer: No I want to use the coupon,

Me: Sir if you don’t want the cream cheese, the coupon won’t work, it will be cheaper for me to ring you up for the dozen, and no cream cheese and not use the coupon then it will be for me to ring you up for the bucket use the coupon and you not take the cream cheese.

Customer: If you won’t let me use the coupon, I’ll just take 6 blueberry bagels and that’s it.

(I ring him up, and he storms off,)

Coupons are wonderful, but they are not always a deal.  When you use a coupon, don’t just use it because you have it.  I had a pissy customer because I tried to save them some money.  Whatever, it just goes down in my book as DUH and customers are not always right.  ( I did submit this to the site we shall see if it gets posted.)



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