This winter season, hasn’t been to kind to me.   With all the storms, which is the least of my problems, other than winter lasting to god damn long.  I’ve been sick more times then I have ever been in the past 5 years if not longer.  I get colds and they suck and last forever well the cough does.  However this year I’ve had the 24 hour bug, 2x and now a bad ass cold that is kicking my ass to the curb.  All this after I started working again. I’m guessing because I’m all of a sudden surrounded by people in an area where as my previous jobs, I’m surrounded by the same people and not a variety of people, so all of a sudden, I’m exposed to big bad germs I haven’t been in contact with in years.  It’s been keeping me from some day’s of work.  and accomplishing things around the house.  Worse thing about it is that I had happy plans for today and was looking forward to going out with my best friend and go to the science museum to see the King Tut exhibit.   I had my ticket and everything and was going to  hang out with Anddi.  Which was the most important part of the whole day.  Instead I’m home on the couch coughing up a storm and dealing with this nasty beast.  There are plenty of days in my life where I just want to say FML  while other day’s are fun and happening.  Today is one of those FML day’s.   Cutting myself off from the world on my day off sucks.  I do need to get better so it is the better thing for me to do.  I have to work 2 more days before another day off.   If this cold gets better, I’ll be in the St. Patty’s day parade representing the Jeerleaders for the North Star Roller Girls.  How fun will that be.  I hope I can function come Thursday!


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