What a week!

This is one crazy week.  If I start off, with Sunday There was a storm, and my friends brunch.  We managed to make it to the brunch, but by the time we made some people had already left, but enough were still around for some fun.  At about 10PM  I was sick with the stomach flu. Every amount of good food I had at the party was making an encore presentation.  I ended up not sleeping that whole night.   That was Sunday.

Monday : I spent my Monday not going to work, and throwing up, achy and feeling like I was dying.

Derek’s dad Tom who is battling cancer went in for his first bout of Chemo 96 hours.  Because of me being sick Derek can’t see him this week.

Tuesday : Payday  which didn’t happen once again.  Something with the direct deposit was screwy and I didn’t get paid.  So, Corporate over nighted my first paycheck and is mailing my second one to my apartment.

Later that night Derek’s mom posted that his aunt isn’t doing so well and that the Dr. can’t do much more for her.

Wednesday: Today went better than the past 3 days.  I got my first paycheck, and  I started feeling 90% better.  My foot on the other hand is back in pain.  I went through this a year ago, and saw a Podiatrist for it. My work shoes apparently aren’t the right type for my foot problem. I’ll have to move the orthodics to the work shoes and deal with the fact that they are very uncomfortable with them in, with no insoles.   Arches must come first, or I’ll be in chronic pain.    We learned that his Aunt was put on hospice, and it could mean days or weeks.   I hope for the best and that she doesn’t give up the fight.

I hope the rest of the week is better, Saturday is Roller Derby so that will be a nice break from the week.


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