What I love about Star Wars

So, I  did a blog on Star Trek, so it probably would be a good thing if I write what I love about Star Wars as well.

Let me first say,  Episodes I, II, III  are not at all in my opinion remotely good.   They were not made for my generation or the fans older than me.  I grew up on IV, V, VI.  Those are the movies that are awesome.  When I speak to kids today, about Star Wars, what do they like?  the prequels and the Clone Wars animated show.  I’ve never watched the Clone Wars, I also don’t plan on it either.   The only thing about the prequels I’ll agree to, is Ewan McGregor was a good casting choice for Obi-Wan.  The rest of the movies were annoying and too much CGI and the plots weren’t at all exciting.  I even hated Yoda, who wasn’t as real in those then he was in Empire when he was a Muppet.   They also ruin such great surprises and plot twists for the original movies.

Onto the great movies.  A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  I grew up watching Return of the Jedi the most, because we had it recorded off  TV on VHS.   Until I was older, I didn’t even remember watching the first new movies but I know I had.

Episode IV: A New Hope   This had annoying parts but it made up with awesome fight scenes in space, a spunky princess and a Han Solo and Chewy.  Luke was never a favorite but he had his good moments and his bad moments.   Even had a great villain.  You didn’t even know a lot about his origin other than he killed Luke’s father.   We didn’t need to know a history of him, we just knew he was a bad ass and that is all that was needed to be feared.

Empire Strikes back  probably the best of the original 3.  We find out that Vader is Luke’s father as he cuts off his hand.  Luke is trained by the greatest Jedi master Yoda who is awesome and so what if he is a Muppet we don’t care.

Return of the Jedi,  Ewoks need I say more.  Some people find them annoying, but seriously they are just so cute, you can’t help but love them.   We find out Leia and Luke are siblings.    Peace is restored when the Empire is defeated.

You put that all together and IV,V and VI are the makings of a great trilogy, they call it a space opera and that is true it is.  I love Star Wars because it takes us on an adventure in space that has all the makings of escaping into sci-fi for hours.

You don’t need the prequels to love the originals.  I will always love IV,V,VI and that is what I plan on raising my kids on to hell with  the new technology of movies.   In my opinion as well, the only way they can be ruined is if they are made into 3D.



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