Why I love Star Trek

Those who know me, know how much I love Star Trek.  Some people hate the shows, others like it, and others just love it like me.

I use to  be able to tell you, the season, and episode by the first 20 seconds of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now not so much but I can still tell you once I see more of the episode of the plot.   Not so much with others, like The Original Series Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.   My first Star Trek I watched was ST:TOS but quickly fell in love with ST. TNG after a while.  By Jr. High I had a friends that was part of that love.  We even considered us to be something. For example, one was Vulcan, because she was a bit more logical and was intelligent.  I was Betazoid because I was emotional and my name was close to Deanna and I just liked that race.  Other friends were others races as well.  Yes we were geeks!

Back to what it is about Star Trek that I still like.   It shows a future of peace, not only on earth but within a federation of planets.   It not only shows that Earth has a history that wasn’t pretty.  There was a 3rd world war etc.. It shows humanity came a long way, and no longer needs the material things we think of today.   It gave us in today’s world gadgets that are today becoming reality.   I mean how cool is that?  Gene Roddenberry created something, that some of it has happened.   No we’re not flying through the galaxy yet,  or finding other life forms that are carbon base yet.  But we do have some of the cool gadgets somewhat already imagined,  but now  made into reality in some form or not.  Everything has some type of possibility and reality that could happen to us.

Yes Star Trek has it’s issues in there reality, they have some  unfriendly species out there but for the most part it’s peaceful.   Also, since it’s “Earth” future there are real places, not just on earth  but in space places we have discovered and identified are used.

Another reason I like Star Trek, was that it was pure genius and has such a great story to tell. I hope that another show is put into production, and at least one more ST:TNG movie but I’m guessing with the JJ Abrams reboot that won’t happen.  I will however always love,  the shows and will always hope that despite the dark times that ST shows, that we will one day over come that and have the beauty of that future.


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