When you feel like you’re backed into a corner.

Today,  started off great.  I got up, ate breakfast, and a healthy lunch.  I have not exercised yet.  When I saw a post from a friend on Facebook I was interested in reading a source from it.  Someone posted Foxnews, which in my opinion is a source, that I would rather not go to.    Basically, the whole conversation put me into an anxiety attack because I can’t handle getting flustered and backing up my views or even when I do, I fuck it up.  I stutter (if in person) I get defensive, basically the whole thing took a lot of restraint to NOT tell some of them to FUCK off.

I don’t care, what you believe I don’t care as long as you don’t basically make me feel like an idiot or worthless.  They did.  They told me my views were bias, when that was not what I was trying to do.  All I said, was and backed up with an article.  Yet they took their opinion and made me feel like I’m wrong.  I’m bias and I’m the one who must be an idiot because I don’t like Fox news, and that I’m liberal.  This is exactly the reasons to WHY I stay away from politics.  Right now I feel less of a person, and that I can’t have an opinion at all, because there will always be more than 1 person out there to gang up and make me feel like shit and that I’m wrong.

I ended up dealing with this by shutting down, Facebook (well offline) and eating food.  I shouldn’t have had the food but now it’s too late.  I hate Anxiety.

To read the conversation, from Facebook feel free.   I probably took things to personally, but in the end, it just tends to be too hard for me to deal with sometimes.


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