First day of work

You know that type of thing people need to do in this world to make a living? I started my job today at Einsteins. Basically it was returning as a rehire after 10 years.  Not the most glamorous job in the world, but it at least is enjoyable for the most part.  Despite the tornado I felt like I was in, when it came to making breakfast sandwiches or some lunch sandwiches.   My co-workers are great, and easy to talk to.  I just need to work on the product and the menu and getting those sandwiches and wraps down.

1pm couldn’t come any sooner after the clock hit 12pm  my feet were killing me. I’ll need to put my shoe inserts in for tomorrow.  When I got home, I  ate lunch and took a nap.   Derek and I both made dinner which was nice to do together.  I’m too tired to exercise today, but  I did take my pedometer to work, so I will be able to track that.


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