Work Work all day long

Well it finally happened.  I got a job.  It seems like it has taken forever, and in a way it has.  However I’m finally get to have a job again, with a regular schedule and bring home a paycheck.

A little history 10 years ago, I use to work Einstein Bagels.  I worked for them for about a year and move up their ranks.  Things happened and I left, basically I was wearing myself thin at the store I was at.    Well, a couple of weeks ago the neighbor Amber, who works at the Plymouth store, told me they were hiring, and brought home an application for me. I filled it out and went to turn it in.   They had to contact Corporate to make sure I could be rehired.   We waited 2 weeks for that, which was very difficult to do since I hate waiting.  Last Wednesday, I was given an interview, while we waited.  He couldn’t hire me until he heard but had hoped to hear soon.   Today I got a call from Einsteins, and said we were good to go, and I could start Wednesday.    I go in tomorrow to find out my work schedule and fill out all the wonderful tax paperwork.

I feel like so much weight has been  lifted and I can breath, and just start getting back on track financially.  It might take me a while, but I do plan on getting back on track and working off my debt.

Sleep will be interesting for a while. I’m guessing I’ll be working some 5:15am or earlier a couple of times a week.  With the insomnia that shall be interesting. Of course now the insomnia might get better now that so much stress has been lifted.  I had hoped to have a job by the end of the January, and that has happened.    Today Life is good.


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