Just over 2 months and still no job, it really does become a wonder that I am actually alive.  I don’t sleep so you would think that sleep deprivation would have taken its toll on me by now.   Granted some of it,  has taken its toll.  Just ask those who I am closest too.  I have been a major bitch at times, and then of course being a women that doesn’t help, when hormones decide to take over.  I get upset easily, I’m moody, I’m a classic bitch. I don’t want to be it just happens.  I do my best to keep my emotions in check but sometimes that doesn’t always happen.  The stress has also added stress to the body, with that time of the month, which adds stress to that issue.  However, no one has to worry, I’m not pregnant.

I’m tired come 9pm, but then when it’s time to go to bed, I can’t sleep.  So here I am it’s 1:30 and I’d rather be sleeping but instead I’m watching Stargate Atlantis.  You can’t blame caffeine because I don’t drink that past 4pm and I’m not drinking pop currently.  It’s just stress. I keep doing deep breathing exercises and other little things that are supposed to help relieve stress.

I’m currently waiting on Einstein Bagels corporate to let the Plymouth store, know if I am eligible for rehire.  I haven’t worked there for 10 years, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a reason I can’t work for them.  The manager already gave me the interview,  we are just waiting on that one piece of information.  He put in that request a week ago, the first person hasn’t responded so he put in the request to someone else.  So we WAIT!  I’m tired of waiting, and I am tired of waiting because that is all I have been doing.   I never heard from Chuck and Don’s so I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that position.  😦  So tonight I am awake, and really want to sleep but my brain won’t shut up so I’m attempting to write.  If I get the job at Einsteins my sleeping habit my will have to change dramatically, since I’ll probably have to get up at like 4:30 to make sure I’m at work by 5:30am if I work when I scheduled to open.  At least I’ll be done earlier than most. I was also told that schedule will stay constant, which is a good thing especially since Derek’s never is.

Well, it’s almost 2am so I’m going to attempt once again to sleep.  If anything I’ll be able to sleep and I can deal with another day of waiting.


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