2010 A Bittersweet Review

I haven’t had the most wonderful year.  It’s probably at best been bittersweet.  When I look back at 2010 I see mistakes, I see happiness and some of that has made the year worth it.

January: Thom and Ricky came back from Brazil, and I started slowly moving in with Derek on a more permanent basis.

Febuary: Derek gave me a wonderful Valentines Day Celebration snowshoeing up at Gooseberry Falls and an overnight up north. See Valentines Day

March: Things at work got to the point where put my 2 weeks in and left.

  • In retrospect, I should have just grinned and bared it.

April: Honestly I don’t remember much of April other than trying to find a job.

May: Same as April, I don’t remember too much other than trying to find a job.

June: Went to South Dakota with Derek and his brother and Nodar.  Climbed up to Crazy Horse and did other site seeing.  After returning Derek and I got to go to W00tstock 2.3 at the Guthrie.  See Wootstock 2.3

July: I found a job. It turned out I loved this job.

August:  Not a lot going on this month but at the very least I had a job and that helped with some stress.

September: I turned 31 years old. My best friend and boyfriend planned a birthday surprise for me.  See I’m 31 On my birthday Derek took me out for dinner and a movie.  We saw Inception.

October: What a month. It was mine and Derek’s 1 year anniversary This was a bittersweet  I didn’t get the acknowledgement I had hoped for, I guess I’m still  a hopeless romantic.  Worse part of the month, was I was let go from my job that I liked.  Apparently I couldn’t handle it according to the owners.  They felt they needed a stronger server and with the possibility that they will be closing I was the last to hire and the first to go.  Also with October came the first Northstar Roller Derby Bout   Big Top Derby

November:  Every day I had to deal with the fact that finding a job is difficult.  I started to break down,  not sleep and just be stressed.

December: Well it’s the 12 month of the year.  I can’t pay for my cell phone which has proven difficult to get a job.  My storage locker is empty, and Derek and I are still attempting to find places for all my stuff that I didn’t throw away. I can’t sleep, I have no job. I cry a lot and I can’t get gifts for my friends, I’m stranded in this wonderful life where I feel I don’t go anywhere. I just want to pack up and leave (of course take Derek with me)  We’ve had snow storm after snow storm, and my car isn’t being cooperative at times. We’ve already had cold snaps.  I live so far, and can’t afford to visit my friends and they can’t come here for whatever reasons they  have.

Something good for December:  July in Christmas The bout was awesome, and the jeerleading was fun  Success!!

December isn’t over yet, 2 weeks left. I can hope for happy times with the next 2 weeks but I see stress with finding a job but I also see some fun times for Christmas!

I want to say good bye to 2010 and Welcome 2011 it can’t come soon enough.


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