1 year anniversary

Did I ask to much, did I expect to much? i had asked him to take it off, he forgot. Not the end of the world.  I thought I would make a nice lunch. However we got invited to his folks for lunch. Actually that worked out very nice.  He went to work, came home. I had sparkling wine in the fridge for us, and asked him to bring home a dessert. He got home ate dinner and chatted to his online friends while I had wine, cake and watched edward scissiorhands by myself. oh what a night. I only wanted to spend a little time with him snuggling on the couch with no internets. I guess I expected to much.


2 thoughts on “1 year anniversary

  1. You did not expect too much! Not at all! I can’t believe he would do that. Have you spoken to him about how it made you feel? I think you should. Don’t let him think it’s ok to behave like that. I don’t know you, but any person deserves better then that.
    Take care and be strong. X

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