#w00tstock 2.3 MPLS

I don’t even know where to begin.  June 7th 2010 the world of Geeks collided into Minneapolis Guthrie Theatre, Maguire orchestra theater.  There was Paul and Storm, who’s music I had only tasted on the internet but was well pleased with.  Adam Savage from Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.  Interesting show, I do enjoy and Adam is funny.  However the main reason of wanting to go to W00tstock was none other than Wil Wheaton.

A little history here. Wil played Wesley Crusher, on Star Trek The Next Generation.  Trekker or Trekkie here.  I grew up having a crush on him, and lets me just say this went through High School even though the show ended when I was in 8th grade. My friend Ann and I would always sign cards or whatever saying you can have Wil, I’ll have Wesley or visa versa.  Funny how Wil married an Anne but not the Ann that was my friend.  I knew every movie Wil was in, and then after high school and no longer hanging out with Ann I lost that crush that I once had on Wil Wheaton.  I grew up but I still remained a geek and loved watching ST:TNG and Wil but the crush was gone.  Then a few years ago, I found out he had a blog, so I started reading the blog, then I found out about twitter, and started following him on that.  The crush was gone, that I once had but a new fascination to Wil Wheaton appeared. His writing, his stories of growing up were similar well in a way, despite that I’m female last time I checked, and I’m not an actor or a very good writer for that matter.

Yet I am a geek, and I was a geek growing up.  Nerd but not in the intellectual part, I lacked there but found out how that happened.  I had ADHD and no one caught it I was considered lazy and no one tried to help, where I am probably smarter than what that GPA shows and test scores. Oh well,  I pride myself in my geek life.  I love Musicals, I love Star Trek still to this day.  I read Vampire stories  ( no not Twilight) real Vampire stories.  I love Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Anne Rice, and many other authors. I read comics, even though I don’t own anything, nor do I know what happened to Spiddy in comic book 5 episode 216 or something but I like super heroes.

Last night was one of the most wonderful nights I have ever had.  I have nothing to compare it to. I’m not married and I don’t have kids so those special events in ones life have yet to come so at the moment W00tstock 2.3 MPLS is the most wonderful nights of my life.  I laughed so hard,  I almost peed my pants.  Good thing I didn’t because the Guthrie is beautiful, and the seats were very plush.   The music was hilarious, Wil Wheaton was funny, and it was just great to see him like 25-30 feet away from me. Oh yeah I had kick ass seats.  Row D seat 203 so yeah VERY F’ing close.  I was so happy for that.  No I didn’t pay that much for them at all, because I avoided Ticketmaster!   Adam Savage was great, he did a great Gollum impersonation singing ” I will survive”  Oh yeah with Kleenex up his nose.  (not for effect)   Molly Lewis was great, I enjoyed her songs, even though I never heard of her.  I had probably the best physics lesson in my entire life and I understood it.  Go Super hero’s. Laughed so hard at the Animal conspiracy’s They really are trying to get you. I have proof I have a burrow bite bruise on my upper left arm. The ass thought I was a carrot or something.

The best part was the 36 minute pirate song of Arrr that we got to enjoy along with singing.  The audience line was  you guessed it ARRR  and at one point, they said No say it like an errie sci fi writer (something on those lines)  Now I thought at that moment, Neil Gaiman, who I thought would have fit perfect in W00tostock and he does live here in Minneapolis.  The next thing I know I’m shreeking like those girls who saw the Beatles in the 60’s or today’s little tweenies seeing one of the Jonas brothers or all 3.  Neil Fucking Gaiman showed up.   His line was Arrrr (R) in a errie sci fi writer way. I was dying. I actually thought I would cry!  I mean it Not only was Wil Wheaton my hero from long time ago but Neil Gaiman on stage right in front of me.   Of course as fast as he appeared he disappeared off stage.  The worst part was I had already exhausted both batteries to my good camera, and the SD card in the spare camera.  I made Derek take a picture but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. =(   Neil did appear once more at the end and I was truely happy and trying not to cry because the show was almost over. 5 hours of pure bliss I had last night.

I asked Derek if we could please stay for the Meet and Greet. All I had was the paper tickets for them to sign but I didn’t care, I was going to meet Wil Wheaton.   As we got through the line,  I met them all, laughed made small talk,  thanks MST3K for getting me in trouble growing up, because I would stay up late watching it and laughing too hard.  Then the moment came, I had a small Thank You I wanted to say to Wil, Wheaton.  A Thank you, for not only making my high school years bearable and for his acting, and writings of today, because they make me feel like I’m not a lone as a geek.  I could list more that would make me a geek but I think if you know me you know that I am.    However no I don’t play WoW or D&D  I stumbled with what I tried to say and probably came off as a crazed geek who needs to go to a mental institution. Actually no, he thank me for what I had to say, and I did manage to shake his hand.  I got to touch and shake Wil Wheaton’s hand.   Most importantly, I felt like a long time wish had come true, and that 15 year old me, got her dream, even if she didn’t marry Wil.  The 30 year old me got to Thank her old hero and move on.   Not to mention Adam Savage tried to eat my arm when I shook Wil’s hand.  What it is about people wanting to eat me is beyond me.    I also want to apologize that the hand shake went on probably a second or 2 longer than the comfortable time, because of the picture and it looks like Wil is either thinking  Um ok,  and I don’t want to be a dick here but can this end.  Or he was just looking at the camera.  Hard to tell.  The last thing I said to Wil, was I told him my boyfriend who was standing next to me was a lot like Sheldon. Wil said ” So is my son” and smiled.  I said  I hi to Adam Savage, and told him it was because of him I was able to get Derek to come along. =)  After that we left Neil Gaiman didn’t stick around for the meet and greet I didn’t expect it but it would have been an awesome surprise.

Thank you, w00tstock 2.3 Mpls for the greatest night of my life!

Wil, and me


2 thoughts on “#w00tstock 2.3 MPLS

  1. Hi! I was sitting right by you in 201 🙂
    Sounds like you fared better than I did in the signature line- I totally FROZE when I got to Wil and Adam.

    I totally expected Neil to show up but still I screamed “Neil FUCKING Gaiman” like he was the Beatles too! I did get one non-blurry photo of him: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30195592@N05/4682959718/ but he’s not looking at the camera :/ but hey, it’s from practically the same angle as if you’d taken it 🙂

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