Valentines Day

It’s now Wednesday, and I’m finally getting around to posting an entry from Valentines Day.  All I knew on Friday was that we were going to Duluth for the night.    This already sounded exciting. I fact I couldn’t sleep very well on Saturday night. I was up at 4:30 am because I could no longer keep fall asleep for another hour or so.  I got up showered, shaved, did my hair and got ready for the day.  By the time I was done, Derek finally got up from his sleep. (apparently I had already woke him up when shaving, but he decided to stay in bed and toss and turn until the alarm went off)  We packed and loaded the car for the day. On the way up we stopped in North Branch for a quick bite to eat.

After we arrived in Duluth, we made a quick stop at my friend Heidi’s I dropped off her birthday card, (her birthday is this coming Saturday) and pick up my Tequila Rose, which I forgot once again. After that we went to Enger Tower Derek had never been there.   We then made a stop at Canal Park and the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association.  I took great pictures of the ice and the Canal, and of items in the museum.  On our way up to Gooseberry Falls to snow shoe.  We saw the frozen falls and made the small hike the mouth of the river and lakeshore.  I was tired trying to get there.  I had to make many stops to catch my breath.   It was so worth the trip. The ice and Lake Superior  was awesome.  We stopped for lunch at Betty’s Pies, YUM YUM.

We arrived at the hotel (Americinn)  and he had reserved us theKing/Jacuzzi suit with it’s own jacuzzi and a king bed. After resting from the snow shoeing we went to the harbor and depot in Two Harbors. (Agate Bay) We walked out to the lighthouse, which was very slippery with a lot of ice, and we were at our own risk.  We then hung out at the trains taking pictures and just taking in the whole thing. We also walked around old downtown, of Two Harbors.  Which sadly was turning into a ghost town.  A lot of shops were closed and for lease.  We returned to the hotel.

After warming up, we watched some TV and ran to Holiday gas station next door got some dinner Chuckwagons, and Pepsi. We were too lazy to go anywhere else and this was fine who needed anything fancy.  We watched how to lose a guy in 10 days and sat in the Jacuzzi for about 2 hours we drank Moscato 2 bottles of it.  at 10 we watched HOUSE and went to bed at 11. I was personally wiped from the day’s events.

ME: I love you :-* it’s Valentines day so I’m saying it here, and once in bed. Thank you for a wonderful day<3

DEREK: 🙂 Love you too *hugs*

This was a quick exchange on text from across the room.  I know it’s odd and we do speak our affection as well.

The next morning we ate a quick continental breakfast, and hit the road for a long drive back to begin the week.  My legs were sore from the day before.  We stopped at Grandma’s resturant only find out it wasn’t open until 11:30 so we left for the Cities =(

That is a quick yet long time line of  Valentines Day’s events.

I wish I could explain the happiness I felt that day. The whole trip and what I still am feeling. Well except the stiff calves of my legs.  I know I have found a great man who planed a beautiful Valentines Day for us to spend together.   It’s just plain Awesome!


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