Passion Party

So, today  my friend Anddi and I had a passion party. For those wondering what that is, it’s a sex toy party.  My friends Sarah, Heidi, came too it.  Heidi is from Duluth so this was big. We got to hang out, and just have some girl fun.     I’ll have pictures of the night in a cut. eventually. Currently I’m too tired to do that.   Anyway, I bought a new vibrator, and a g spot   vibrator was given to me as a host gift. Whoo hooo actually at first it was going to be discounted since it was a display but it turned out to be the host gift. Even better since I could than  buy the vibrator and some cleaner.  Of course once the party is closed we get points and later get some more merchandise EVEN Better!

After the party and the car shuffle hop, (basically getting vehicles down the driveway safely and not going over the edge.)  Heidi her friend Carena and Anddi and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and had dinner.  Heidi and her friend drank where Anddi and I just had pop.  We saw the Hockey game was on and got the GM to switch one of the TV’s to it so we could watch the wild and Chicago. We even got the GM to give us some beads that blinked and had captain morgan blinking thing. (pictures later) 

After BWW,  we took Anddi home. When going East on  394, toward Minneapolis, Carena says "Oh look St. Paul it’s so pretty"  Anddi and I of course laughed so hard, because it wasn’t St. Paul it was Minneapolis.  (Oh disclaimer Heidi and Carena are from Duluth)  After this  Anddi and started being tour guides along the way pointing out the new Twin Stadium, the Basilica, Walker Art Museum, etc…  When we crossed the bridge on 94 going East Heidi asked if this was the new bridge?  I told her no, but that I would take her over the bridge on the way back from Anddi’s.  Of course once we were getting to St. Paul,  We told them. After dropping Anddi off, we drove through more downtown St. Paul, and than toward Minneapolis via 36 so Heidi could go across the new 35 bridge.  On our way across and screwed up and took the Washington Avenue exit. They had a choice, I could drive them through Washington, and go by Sex World, or go back on 94.  They wanted to see where Sex World was. I took them through that so they go to ride through Downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.  After a quick jaunt to the Liquor Store, we are now back at my place and I’m relaxing and they are playing rummikube. 

Great night with the girls. Can’t complain.


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