My 30th Birthday.

I just turned 30. This was an age I dreaded. I didn’t want to come to this age and realize all my dreams have yet to come true. Well, I’m 30 now. Nothing else has changed, my life went on and the world didn’t end. Back in August I decided to have a party. I had to plan it and do the invitations etc.. After my parents said no I couldn’t use their house, my brother wasn’t up for it at his place. ( he later had a bon-fire and horseshoe competition, and I was invited to have my party join theirs.) I declined that due to it just being easier with out of town guests to go to just one place. I invited: Anddi, Sarah, Andrea, Heidi,David, Sandi a her husband, Derek, Tommy, Kristi, Kassie her man, Emily ,Tou, Suzy and her daughter. Invites were sent out. I got a some RSVPED 🙂 This was going to happen.

I spoke to everyone the week of my party so I knew how much food to get and everything like that. I was providing cake, brats and chips. It was BYOB and anything else you wanted. Heidi and David weren’t going to make it Saturday but were going to come down on Sunday 🙂 Kassie called Saturday with Strep, Sandi had to be called after not showing up, she had her grand daughter and forgot to call and let me know. Emily and Tou had wedding and Hmong things that got in the way 😦 Suzy I didn’t expect but I sent her an invite anyway because I love her and if she made it AWESOME! Andrea went to Iowa, So Anddi came Friday night we made the cake watched a movie. Saturday got ready for the party and hung out.

My friend from school Kristi came, Sarah came so for a while it was us four. We chatted and decided to play Wii of course after being put in sugar coma’s from my birthday cake (picture to come) Derek came and he was the only male in a house of 4 women, (2 were lesbien’s and 2 weren’t). Sarah took Anddi home because she had dogs to take care of and Anddi didn’t want to be here if Tommy came. Kristi and Derek and I just kicked back and talked for a while. Kristi was looking tired and did go home eventually. Derek and I were left, and Tommy was on his way. Derek left after Tommy got here they met for a split second both said thought both were pretty cool in the little time they said hello and good bye. (side note, Derek and I are just friends, nothing more, Tommy and I are just friends but with benifits I suppose is the correct way to put it, but we go and do things like dates etc.. but not exclusive or anything like that) So, Tommy gave me my gift, and he ate some cake. We then had to compare the cake to see if the name lived up to it. I had made Better than Sex Cake. Actual sex won of course 😀
He then took me out to Major’s and i got a drink. After that we went downtown Minneapolis he bought me a rose, and we went on the light rail train for 2 stops just to say I got to ride the light rail. After that we headed back to his car, because club lines were long, and his buddy wasn’t working at the door to one place so we headed to Major’s in Bloomington and did some dancing. He got a couple of girls # and I ended up giving my google voice # to some guy. Like I said we are not exclusive we are just friends and no strings attached. ( I don’t like it but that is the conditions of being with him) After Major’s closed, he took me home and I was off to slumber land. Ranking this as my #2 best birthday EVER!

My mom called me in the morning to see if Heidi and David were still coming at that time yes they were. I got a call from Heidi a couple of hours later saying they had a flat tire and it wasn’t easy to get fixed on Labor Day weekend and by the time they did get it fixed to drive 2.5 hours to my place, and go home again that night it wasn’t going to be worth it. I totally understood. I hung at home balanced my checkbook and took a nap. I went to my parents house then for dinner Heidi and David were going to come there as well for cake and ice cream. My brother, Danielle, her 2 kids and of course Olivia (making it 3) were coming and my grandparents as well. We had Dairy Queen cake and a bon- fire. It was nice and quiet and a very nice way to spend the evening. Mosquito’s of course crashed the party.

On my way back home I picked up Anddi and we came back to my place, had some cake (she did I couldn’t eat it if I had tried last night) We bought tickets to see the Titanic artifact exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota and Titanica at the Omnitheater. We hung around there this morning. Her dad picked her up at the Science Museum and I headed home. I ended up taking a 4 hour nap (oops) I still have cake left over and wine. I had a great weekend to spend my birthday and turning 30 wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it would be.

Kristi gave me a book I had wanted Lion Among Men from Gregory McGuire
Sarah gave me a funky loop child craft thing and some candy
Anddi gave me some DAMN GOOD chocolate Truffles
Tommy gave me Candy, a Rose, a ride on the light rail, and out dancing. (plus some desert on top of the cake I made)


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