Can friends progress

I have this friend, Derek. I’ve been talking to him for a while online. He knows so much of my secrets, and then some. Well on Friday we went out for a drink as friends. I found myself attracted to him. I wouldn’t mind dating him, and trying to have a future. We are both very much alike and everything like that. However he isn’t interested in me, because I think if he was he would have said something by now. Plus, I’m too chicken to ruin what relationship we have. which is friends. Do I move forward or not. I’ve somewhat laid hints.  He was rejected by a girl via facebook email and we were talking, that  I found him attractive and he said I was pretty cute too.  but other wise nothing else has been said about that.  I suppose I should just leave things alone.  He is everything I’m looking for in a man, but he must not be attracted to me in that way. 😦


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