New York New York

New York, New York.  It’s becoming one of my favorite cities.   But first I’m stuck here in Minnesota where we got dumped on by a lot of snow yesterday and over night.  My radar shows that it’s better  but my origional flight got canceled.  I can live with that, because the ticket agent got me on a flight for later this morning, and was super nice about it.  Granted  I was the 2nd person she helped this morning, and the man before me was nice as well to her.   I’m guessing  from what I’ve been hearing from the line, she is running  low on patience by now. and it’s only 6:30am  I’m just sitting here with my tablet, thankful that with today’s technology, I’m not at the wim of paper books from the bookstore that I’ve ran out to read and had to buy more.   Oh this has happened to me, I read a slew of Nicholas sparks  the last time I flew with my layovers and such.   This time  I have my kindle, my teblet and my smpartphone to keep me entertainined.  I even brought my wireless keyboard, whch is why I can type this entry out easy enough. 

 This morning started off with early but I’m rather use to it for work as it is.   The only problem was that, my friends car was stuck in the snow.  WE had to get Derek to come help us, and  good thing we have a cat, because we had cat litter for traction.  We maaged to get out and drive to the airport slowly even with no traffic, the roads were not very well plowed  but at least they were plowed at least 1 or 2x already.  I understand we have a lot of roads and hwy 169 and crosstown are probably not priority like 94 or 35.    As of the lastest traffic report,  traffic is not advised.  

As stated I’m at the airport, waiting patiently  and what better than to start blogging again.  I so wish Icould go to sleep instead. but alas Ihave had 4 shots of espresso.  Oh yeah I drink coffee now, coffee is cool.  No actually I think bow ties are cooler

It is starting to lighten up as morning is awakening here in our snow infested state.   I know we all hate when we complain about winter but seriously  the weather we have had this winter is no longer a normal winter.  We have been spoiled with milder winters.   



the need to lose

I have never been this high in my weight I always fluxed since I began being over weight.  Now I’m worried and I know I have to do something.  It’s been hard, and usually the motivation is lost soon so once again, I am forcing myself to try and do something about it.  Exercise for me is a big thing, it’s not just the eating but I’m not active, I’m lazy and would rather not do anything but be a sloth. 

Today though I went and did a workout at the gym, not the usually elliptical and some weights but an actual exercise class, I’m glad I did I know I’m feeling it but it is something I did enjoy even though I couldn’t do all of it.  I’m sure I will be able to do more of it at other times, if I keep going. So for the next 35 weeks I’m scheduled ( I can change as we go) wednesdays for this class,  I don’t need to be signed up for it but It’s on my calender for me to do and hope it is a commitment I can keep for myself.